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How to use VPN to watch Netflix outside the US

Netflix is one of the most popular on-demand internet-streaming media in North America. With more than 200 million subscribers by 2021, the company boasts a wide viewership and makes millions of dollars every year.

The reason so many people can’t stop watching Netflix is because the company carries only programs you love to watch. It knows the genres you like and what performers get you excited. Some have actually said that Netflix probably knows whether you like your popcorn slightly salted or slathered in butter.

The company has taken their knowledge and managed to produce several hits. Its series such as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” picked up 31 Emmy nominations in 2014. In short, Netflix is a “channel” everybody would love to watch.

Why you can’t watch Netflix outside the US?

Unfortunately, you just can’t watch Netflix outside the US. Or in other words, Netflix isn’t readily available outside the US (as you’ll find out later, you can still catch all your favorite Netflix programs with a few tweaks to your internet connection).

The little trick that Netflix employs to stop you from watching their programs is known as Geo Blocking. Geo Blocking means just that; blocking people from specific geographical regions from accessing an online service. With advances in technology, it’s now possible to completely block users from a particular country from one service while allowing them to access another. This way, Netflix can block all users from elsewhere allowing only subscribers from within the US to access their services.

But it doesn’t end there; a service provider can also block a specific state or states, or even just one or more cities from their services. That’s how powerful Geo Blocking is.

So, how does Netflix know you’re from Costa Rica and not the US? Or let’s make it more interesting; how do they know you’re from across the border in Canada and not in the US? The answer lies in what’s called an IP address.

Basically, an IP address is a 10 or 11 digit code assigned to every device accessing the internet. It’s the address of your internet connection. Whenever you access the internet, you’re assigned a unique IP address. So, for example, if you access the internet using your phone and PC simultaneously, the two devices will be assigned a completely different IP addresses.

You can easily check your IP address by searching “What is my IP” on your browser. If you’re accessing the internet using two different devices, such as two smartphones, if you check their IP address simultaneously, you’ll discover that they are different. Normally, most sites that can tell you your IP address will also tell you where you’re browsing from.

The results will look something like; IP address –; Country – Canada; Region – Quebec; City – Gatineau. That’s exactly how Netflix finds out where you’re browsing from.

Quite unfortunate! So, what next for House of Cards lovers who live outside the US?

If you live in Canada, Mexico, or any other part of the world where you’re blocked from Netflix, don’t give up just yet. They might have closed the front door but who says we can’t enter through the back door?

Introduction to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPN tunnel VPN tunnelTo get around Netflix’s Geo Blocking nuisance, you need to access their services from a location within the US. As long as they see an IP from within the US, they’ll let you in. The trick then is to find an IP located within the US, right?

This should be very easy; you just need a Virtual Private Network (VPN). At its most basic, a VPN is a network of computer servers located all across the globe that you can log into from wherever you are.

As soon as you’re logged into a server located in the US, it would appear to people tracking you that you’re actually browsing the internet from the US! So, if you live in Costa Rica or India, if you want to watch Netflix, just find a VPN located in the US.

VPN vs. Smart DNS for watching Netflix abroad

Another common solution to your Netflix Geo Blocking problems is Smart DNS. Smart DNS also allows you to access Netflix programs from regions currently not accepted by the internet streaming company. The difference, however, is VPNs allows you to access more than just streaming video.

If you watch Netflix on your computer, for example, you probably also want to access other sites and protected services. VPN is excellent at connection privacy and offers far better security. SmartDNS though offers higher speeds and lower prices. If you dont care if your Internet-connection is secured and encrypted – go for it.

How safe are VPNs?

VPNs are as safe as you can get. They are very secure. Think of walking over to a physical network and plugging your computer onto one of the switches there.

If you use HTTP which is what most web browsers use, everything is sent in plain text. Your VPN can read everything. For HTTPS, only the domain name of your server will be revealed to the VPN server. In HTTPS connections, the first step is to set up a secure (SSL) connection. Beyond that point, everything is encrypted.

For devices (PCs and other internet accessing gadgets) with open ports (i.e. if you share music, video, and other content), the ports will be visible to the VPN server. Again, beyond that point, everything is encrypted.

Are VPNs legal in Canada?

This remains a gray area for everyone. While the public has often been led to believe that merely using VPNs to access copyrighted material is illegal, other people disagree. In a recent Forbes article, an attorney was quoted as stating that; “simply violating the Terms of Service to gain access to a website is not sufficient to warrant a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.” According to the staff attorney, using VPNs to access restricted content only violates Terms of Service of website in question.

Anyway, millions of Canadians, Indians, People from Southamerica, Expats and Tourists worldwide  have been and continue to use VPNs to watch Netflix programs.

Choosing a VPN provider to unblock Netflix

There are more than a hundert VPN service providers to choose from. Just search “VPNs for Netflix” (what you likely did before you visited our website)  on your browser and you’ll see several results. The problem is even the not-so-good VPN providers will usually market their services as the best in the market. Here are a the best providers to consider for unblocking streaming video (not only Netflix).

Best 5 VPNs for Netflix

  1. ExpressVPN.com – has over 43,000 IP addresses to choose from, boasts fantastic speeds, very affordable ($8/month), and great security.
  2. HideMyAss.com – easy to download and install, very secure (256 bit security), and good customer support.
  3. IPVanish.com – excellent security, great speeds, and unbeatable prices, saves no Logfiles.
  4. PureVPN.com – great speeds, have a very big number of servers, fantastic customer support, simple setup, ease of use.
  5. Vypr VPN.com – very fast, loads of servers, excellent infrastructure, 3-day free trial. Special Protocol for China.

Now that you know so much about VPNs, why not get yourself one and start enjoying Netflix again?

Last updated: 28. June 2021